What made Fall Guys such a hit?

Fall Guys has been the big surprise hit of the summer - a bright, joyous and incredibly silly game in a year that’s often felt defined by the very opposite qualities. Fall Guys is hardly alone in offering players a chance for some lighthearted fun though, and we don’t need to look far to find a graveyard of forgotten multiplayer experiences that never managed to find their audience. With the sheer quantity of games now being released every month, getting players to even hear about your game, never mind pay for it and stay engaged with it, is one of the most significant challenges developers face. So, what did Fall Guys get so right?

Simon Carless runs GameDiscoverCo (@gamediscoverco), an agency dedicated to helping developers navigate the challenges of the online games marketplace. Their work aims to illuminate some of the strategies that developers can use to help their games stand out from the crowd and be discovered by players.

On his blog over at Gamasutra, Simon offers a useful look at the success of Fall Guys, and highlights some of the key lessons that can be learned.

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